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Joanna Antosik, born 1983 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland. Graduated in Landscape Architecture on Warsaw Univerisity’s of Life Sciences department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.

Since 2012 a member of Polish Wildlife Photographers’ Union.


Joanna has won several awards, including a first prize, in international nature photo competitions, such as the Memorial Maria Luisa (Spain) and Ambiente Imagens Dispersas (Portugal). Moreover she was overall winner and win other prizes of the audio-visual contest.. The total collection of her winning images and audio-visual shows (diaporama) is shown in the ‘AWARDS’ page of this website.

Joanna has given multiple authorial presentations during national wildlife photography festivals.

Her audio-visual shows (diaporama) have also appeared. She has also given presentations during

audio-visual festivals abroad, for example Chelles Multiphot (France), Fantadia in Asolo, Trieste meets the multivision festival and Sangiorgiofotografia & Albenga International Photography (Italy).


Joanna says:

„In photography, what interests me the most, is all that is tiny and inconspicuous, what escapes our sight during a stroll in the forest. There is a wonderful micro universe beneath our feet and I find watching it very inspiring. I look for interesting light, form, inspiring details. I always try to find something new, I especially like natural impressions and abstract forms. With the tools at hand, I am trying to paint the natural world in the way I see and feel it, that is why I like photography and diaporama so much. Thanks to diverse forms of expression it is possible to show nature in a special, personal way. Taking pictures and working on a diaporama is a getaway from everyday noise, the possibility to spend time with yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature.”


Photo taken by Mariusz Lemiecha

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